WV’s Admission into the Multi-State Poker Compact is Lauded by BetMGM

Arsenii Anderson1
wvs admission into the multi state poker compact is lauded by betmgm

The state’s membership in the multi-state online poker compact has been enthusiastically welcomed by BetMGM, one of the leading candidates to introduce online poker in West Virginia.

West Virginia’s regulatory body and the Nevada Gaming Commission jointly announced on November 14 that the Mountain State had been accepted into the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement (MSIGA).

It was the fifth state to ratify the compact, which permits online poker companies to combine their player bases with those of New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, and Michigan, among other member states.

As we know, BetMGM operates an online casino in WV, it made its debut in the state in August 2020. In response to WV’s admission into the MSIGA, BetMGM praised the move with promptitude.

According to Luke Staudenmaier, Director of Poker at BetMGM, the company supports the further growth of online casinos in WV and the US and commends the regulators. It’s a fantastic method to increase player engagement.

Despite the fact that West Virginia legalized online poker in 2019, there are presently no operators offering real money games inside the state’s boundaries since the state’s 1.8 million citizens are too few to support a separate liquidity pool.

Now that West Virginia is a part of the multi-state online poker compact, operators find the state more attractive since it can link with other members of the compact, such as bigger states like New Jersey or Michigan.

Although the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement does not yet apply to Michigan and New Jersey, where BetMGM Poker has not yet integrated its player pools, the introduction of online poker in West Virginia would force BetMGM to create a tri-state shared liquidity network, with the possibility of expanding to Nevada for a four-state network.

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