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At the iGaming Network, our aim is to produce content around online gambling with integrity and authenticity. Players in West Virginia have a lot of choices when it comes to online gambling, and our content is designed in such a way as to help our readers make informed decisions about where they play and educate them on the various games available.

Our content is written by industry experts and enthusiasts, so not only is it data-driven, but it’s also written with passion and expertise. But how does it all come together?

Our Mission

Our mission is to keep players informed and educated about the online gambling industry. We achieve this through curating in-depth and unbiased reviews of casinos, easy-to-understand guides for games, and concise and factual news articles. We believe a well-informed player is most likely to find gambling to be a fun source of entertainment while also making the best decisions concerning safety.

Our Vision

At the iGaming Network, we want to establish a community of like-minded, passionate players who find value in analytical, well-written articles about online gambling. With a strong community, we hope to help build a healthy future for the iGaming community and its development within WV.

Legal Disclaimer

IGAMINGWV.com doesn’t have any ownership of any gambling organizations within West Virginia. Revenues earned by IGAMINGWV.com from the connection of players to gambling websites will be reinvested into the development of our organization and its products.

Affiliate Disclosure

IGAMINGWV.com is an independent website that provides reviews of casinos licensed by the West Virginia Lottery Commission, alongside other gambling-related content such as game guides and casino news.

IGAMINGWV.com sometimes places affiliate links within reviews or other articles that direct users towards gambling platforms, for which IGAMINGWV.com may receive a commission. Therefore, any link clicked on IGAMINGWV.com may be an affiliate link for which IGAMINGWV.com may receive a commission.

That said, IGAMINGWV.com will always strive to produce unbiased, factual, and accurate statements in its articles, whether or not the brand participates in an affiliate scheme.

IGAMINGWV.com does not charge users for the use of its services.

The content available at IGAMINGWV.com should be used to inform and advise. All final decisions on where and what to play should be made by the user and the user only.

Licensing Information

IGAMINGWV.com is a part of the iGaming Network, which is owned by Intress Media. Intress Media operates under license by the West Virginia Lottery Commission (WVLC).

IGAMINGWV.com, as a licensed vendor, does not cooperate with operators that are not licensed by the WVLC.

iGamingWV Timeline

August 2021

We start the development of our vision of the product and how we are going to achieve our ultimate goal – building a safe community of passionate players.

September 2021

The iGaming Network’s websites receive the finalized design and functionality along with the website prototypes.

November 2021

The first website in the iGaming Network–iGamingNJ–is successfully launched and fully functioning in the state of New Jersey.

December 2021

The collaboration with other websites in the segments begins to expand the outreach of our tools and knowledge to the gambling community.

April 2022

The second website in the iGaming Network–iGamingMI–launches in the state of Michigan, one of the biggest bustling gambling markets in the US.

May 2022

The third website in the iGaming Network–iGamingPA–launches in the state of Pennsylvania to continue our expansion of the legally regulated US gambling markets.

July 2022

The fourth website in the iGaming Network–iGamingWV–launches in the state of West Virginia to accompany the emerging gambling market of the Mountain State.

Meet the Team

In West Virginia’s emerging iGaming market, getting accurate and up-to-date information to the player is vital. Our team of experienced writers, editors, and industry enthusiasts will use their expertise to curate easily digestible content using data and facts, ready for when the reader needs it.

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Our community is important to us. So if you have any questions, comments, or something to say to us about online gambling, we’d love to hear from you!

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