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What Are Our Objectives?

The West Virginia market of licensed casinos is growing rapidly and traversing it can seem quite cumbersome. With this in mind and a greater purpose to make the players’ experience as comfortable as possible, we crystallized the following missions:

Guides and tips


We keep our readers updated about everything casino-related by curating helpful and informative content about the industry, especially within the state of West Virginia.
Guides and tips


We review all casino-related content, such as games, software providers, casino platforms, and bonuses, so players don’t spend time or money on less-than-valuable gaming products.
Guides and tips


Our goal is to ensure all players are well educated on how to get the most out of online casinos. We create tons of guides covering areas such as software providers, individual titles, and how the terms and conditions for bonuses and promotions work.
Guides and tips


Players come to online casinos for the entertainment factor, so we take both the prospect of winning and the entertainment value provided by the product into consideration in our reviews.
Guides and tips


Your safety is always our primary concern. That’s why we only work with fully-licensed casinos and have regular, direct contact with casino partners. This ensures your personal information is safe when playing online in West Virginia.
Guides and tips


Our overall mission is to form a pleasant iGaming community for players of different experience levels. Connecting players to official casino
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We constantly update lists of our partners and media reviewed to make sure our readers are always up to date with the latest iGaming trends, which, in our opinion, is of paramount importance in the modern world.

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iGamingWV Team

At iGamingWV, we have a wonderful team who are all well-educated in casino games and the online gambling industry. Collectively, we boast more than N years of experience playing and reviewing casino games and have the know-how to answer any questions you may have.

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Thanks to the continued positive response from our readers, we have been slowly expanding, intending to provide helpful iGaming and casino-related information hubs across the country!

Always Play Responsibly

As we promote the benefits of online gambling to our readership, we feel as though it’s equally important to convey the potential risks of online gambling. To that end, we will continue educating our players on the risks of gambling and promoting safe practice when playing.

If you or someone you know is at risk, please contact an organization that can provide help. Here are some of the non-profit organizations that serve West Virginia:

What’s the Minimum Age for Gambling in West Virginia?

Only players aged 21 or over can participate in casino games, both online and offline, in the state of West Virginia.

In order to verify their age, players are required to provide the last four digits of their SSN when registering for an online casino. Those entering land-based casinos will be required to provide government-approved photographic ID.

From Racecourses to Roulette: A Brief History of How West Virginia Legalized Online Gambling

Thanks to the horse racing industry being so prevalent and close to the hearts of WV residents since its legalization in 1933, gambling in the state has always had a strong chance of legalizing other gambling activities.

Although the push for further legalization essentially happened to save the racing industry from collapse, the slow progression from video terminals to slots to full-blown racinos paved the way for online activities.

WV casino enthusiasts who now enjoy the freedom to gamble anywhere within the state might be interested to know the history of how gambling became legal in the state, so we crafted a brief history below.


On December 2nd, 1933, The Charles Town Race Track opened its doors to bettors after the state legalized racing across West Virginia. Unfortunately, the track wasn’t initially a success, thanks to the effects of the Great Depression. Ironically, in the present day, the racetrack makes most of its money from video slots and table games.


Mountaineer Park racetrack becomes the first establishment to offer video lottery terminals on-site. These unique terminals offered bettors a different way to engage at the racetrack and proved quite profitable.


Thanks to the success at Mountaineer Park and the slowing of the racing industry, the state granted licenses for all four tracks in the state to house lottery terminals like the ones at Mountaineer Park.


The state once again improved the gambling prospects at the four West Virginia racetracks by allowing the placement of full-blown slots that were sure to engage players more than the aging video lottery terminals.


In a win for more casual bettors, in 2001, the state made it possible for bars throughout the state to have their own slot machines, so long as they met the licensing criteria.


After years of failed legislature to allow the states four racetracks to provide casino-style table games such as poker, blackjack, and roulette, the four racetrack counties were given the right to vote on the legalization. Three of the four racetracks in the state gained the right to have table games, with Charles Town Racetrack missing the opportunity. Charles Town was granted the right to request a new vote in two years.


The relative success of the various gambling operations across the state, and the tax revenue that came with it, encouraged lawmakers in The Mountain State to legalize online sports betting.


After the legalization of sports betting in 2018, casino enthusiasts knew it was just a matter of time before online casino games were available online, and sure enough, in 2019, WV lawmakers laid out the framework for online casino licensing.


After a relatively smooth licensing procedure, in July of 2020, DraftKings became the first online casino to start taking bets! The current law makes it possible for the five current land-based casinos to host up to three online casinos each, under different skins, for a total theoretical maximum of 15 online casinos.


2021 saw four new offerings to the Mountain State, including the final two skins from the Greenbrier in FanDuel and Golden Nugget, as well as BetRivers and Caesars taking skins from Mountaineer Casino. At the end of the first fiscal year between June 2020 and 2021, casinos in the state had taken in revenues of $33.8 million.


PointsBet took the first skin offered by Hollywood Casino in January 2022 to become the only new casino launched in the year while also establishing a site in Pennsylvania in the same year. In the state’s first full fiscal year, between June 2021 and 2022, the state more than doubled its first annual total with $86.1 million in total revenues.


Despite not doing nearly as much business as other states, a massive year-on-year increase saw iGaming revenues of $138.9 million in the fiscal year between June 2022 and 2023, meaning West Virginia is pumping out some of the nation’s highest year-on-year increases in the iGaming sector.

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