In December, WV Set a Record for Online Casino Revenue, Bringing in $15.9 Million

Arsenii Anderson1
in december wv set a record for online casino revenue bringing in 15 9 million

Online casino operators in West Virginia generated a record-breaking $15.9 million in revenue in December. The previous record was first achieved by operators in October with $15.5 million.

West Virginian online casinos are still expanding, real money online casinos in WV continue to be popular even if WV may not report the same numbers as states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Michigan.

December Saw Record Revenue Statistics from Online Casinos

For West Virginia’s online casinos, the fourth quarter has been by far their best. Autumn has been great for the operators, as they have flourished in the autumn after failing to surpass $12 million in the summer. The income over the previous four months is as follows:

  • September: $12.7 million;
  • October: $15,5 million;
  • November: $14.4 million;
  • December: $15.9 million.

October and December were the two times WV shattered records. West Virginia surpassed the $150 million mark in 2023 with its $15.9 million in December. The total income earned by the state was $157.2 million.

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