The West Virginia Lottery Fined Two VLT Establishments in October

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the west virginia lottery fined two vlt establishments in october

During its monthly meeting, the West Virginia Lottery fined two establishments that provided video lottery machines to their customers. The second incident over a five-year period and insufficient funds are the reasons for the fines.

In WV, video lottery machines are permitted in restricted quantities inside entertainment establishments. No fines were issued for retail or licensed online casinos in West Virginia from the West Virginia Lottery.

West Virginia’s Video Lottery Machines (VLTs)

Video lottery machines are interactive gaming equipment that resemble slot machines, according to the West Virginia Lottery. These machines don’t need to be found at casinos or other gaming facilities, however.

The West Virginia Legislature approved a measure in 2001 permitting a certain number of video lottery machines in amusement centers. The locations where they are allowed are categorized as adult-only due to the fact that they have a Class A license from the Alcohol Beverage Control Administration (ABCA) and meet other legislative criteria.

October Gambling Fines in West Virginia

In October, the West Virginia Lottery fined the following establishments:

  • Steel Valley Bowling Center
  • Jerry’s Bar

Steel Valley Bowling Center has video lottery machines along with a restaurant and other entertainment options. Due to insufficient funds, the establishment was fined $1,407.69 by the West Virginia Lottery.

Jerry’s Bar received a much larger fine. For the same infraction, the West Virginia Lottery issued a $26,959.63 penalty.

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