The West Virginia Lottery Commission Issues Three iGaming Licenses for Live Dealers with ID Verification

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the wv lottery issues three igaming licenses for live dealers with id verification

Three licenses for online casinos were distributed by the West Virginia Lottery Commission at its monthly meeting earlier this week. These businesses are:

  • PT Services;
  • Radar Labs;
  • Jumio Services Corporation.

In one way or another, all three will support the gaming industry in the Mountain State. PT Services will be advantageous to WV online casinos.

PT Services Enhances Live Dealer Games in West Virginia

West Virginia’s online casino industry has been breaking records left and right. With $16.4 million in revenue, the state just set a new record for the third time in four months in January.

Live dealer games are also quite popular in WV, even if slots are usually a popular vertical. Evolution Gaming offers its live dealer titles on several platforms. Now, it seems that Playtech is also entering the fray.

PT Services is a part of Playtech, the provider of online gambling software that powers live dealer games. PT Services supports Playtech’s live dealer vertical by doing the following tasks:

  • Broadcasts live dealer games in high definition;
  • Provides the market’s quickest streaming and best uptime.

The reason the picture is so crisp and the games move in real-time, right alongside the live dealer, while playing Playtech’s live dealer games is because of PT Services.

PT Services is one instance of the behind-the-scenes labor that has helped WV smash many online casino revenue records in recent months.

Playtech is expected to begin making inroads into the West Virginia live dealer market.

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