In September, WV Online Casinos Generated $12M in Revenue for the First Time in 4 Months

Arsenii Anderson1
in september wv online casinos generated 12m first time in 4 months

Summertime saw a decline in online casino income in WV. Operators did, however, record $12.7 million in income during September. Since June, the Mountain State has not surpassed $12 million in profits.

It’s time for West Virginia online casinos to shine as the sports calendar begins to fill up and the Christmas season draws near.

In September, WV Online Casinos Report Strong Revenue Growth

WV brought in $12 million in income from online WV casinos only once over the last four months, compared to at least $13 million in February, March, and April.

WV’s online casinos eventually resumed their previous patterns of success in September, bringing in $12.7 million. Over the last three months, we saw:

  • $12 million in June;
  • $11.4 million in July;
  • $11.6 million in August.

The $12.7 million in revenue represented an increase of 9.5% month-over-month and 18.7% year-over-year.

Of all licensees, The Greenbrier had the highest income total. The revenue distribution is as follows:

The Greenbrier license holders, who operate as a trio, have traditionally been at the top in West Virginia.

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