Attempted Kidnapping at the West Virginia Casino Wheeling Island

Arsenii Anderson1
attempted kidnapping at the west virginia casino wheeling island

Two suspects were detained by police after they were accused of holding two individuals at gunpoint during an attempted kidnapping on January 17 in the parking lot of the Wheeling Island Casino Hotel in West Virginia.

The two suspects, Duwan Malik Groover, 43 years old, and Susan Irene Coryell, 37 years old, reportedly broke into the couple’s automobile at approximately 6:45 p.m. They reportedly pointed the pistol at the woman and the male who was standing outside the car. Both victims ran away unharmed.

According to the Wheeling Police Department, the suspects also attacked another couple, a man and a woman. This incident happened a short while later after the Wheeling Island Casino. The second incident happened on 15th Street in East Wheeling.

According to the Wheeling News-Register, after obtaining descriptions of the culprit and car, police found the allegedly involved couple once again in the casino’s parking lot. Groover and Coryell were taken into custody and charged in accordance with the following:

  • Groover: two charges of robbery, two charges of first-degree sexual assault, and attempted kidnapping. $300,000 was set as the bail;
  • Coryell: two charges of robbery accessory before the fact. Bail was set at $50,000.

Both suspects are Wheeling residents. There may be other charges pending.

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