When Will Danville VA Casino Open: Latest Updates 2023

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When will Danville VA casino open?

Caesars Entertainment and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians are building a casino resort in Danville, Virginia. This establishment is right near WV, convenient for casinos lovers. As a teaser to players who are looking forward to this new establishment, a temporary casino will open in July 2023 on the former site of Dan River Mills’ Schoolfield Division until Caesars Virginia officially operates in late 2024.

The state’s 2020 gaming bill allowed for casinos licensed by the Virginia Lottery board to open temporary gaming establishments while it’s under construction. Caesars Entertainment followed Hard Rock Bristol’s step, which opened its first legal casino in Virginia. Caesars Entertainment operates 9 successful Caesars casinos in Las Vegas, so the group definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to gambling establishments.

For those looking forward to the Caesars’ new casino in Danville VA official launch, we’re here to give you the latest update on how the establishment will be and its progress. Bookmark this article to get fresh Caesars Virginia news regularly.

Caesars Virginia: What’s It Going to Be Like?

Caesars Danville VA Casino

Caesars Entertainment is upping its investment in the upcoming Caesars Virginia Casino and Resort in Danville with a total amount of $500 to $650 million. It had also announced that the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is now its partner for building the upcoming Caesars Danville VA. This joint venture will also include Caesars, EBCI, and a local minority investor, according to the press release.

Caesars casino in Danville Virginia will offer 500 hotel rooms, over 1,300 slot choices, poker rooms, 85 live table games, 24 video table games, and a Caesars sportsbook. It’ll also provide guests with a spa, pool, bars, and various entertainments in its space that will accommodate up to 2,500 people with 40,000 square feet of meeting and convention space.

With the upcoming establishment, Danville VA Casino is looking to fill 900 construction jobs alongside 1,300 positions for the resort, including for its temporary casino. Applicants will be provided with dealer training and other casino operations. Applicants don’t need to have prior experience, as Caesars officials will provide its candidates with some of the best people in the industry to guide them in a 12-week training program.

Caesars Danville Casino Timeline – Updated Sep 2023

Caesars Entertainment is leading the development of the regional casino in Virginia’s Southside and Danville, one of the cities that qualified for a casino undertaking through the state’s 2020 gaming bill. Local voters also approved Caesars’ casino resort submission. Thus the plan immediately moved forward.

We’ve compiled the Danville VA casino update and previous progress made by Caesars Entertainment to build its casino in Danville Virginia

December 2018

Delegate Danny Marshall presented the concept of casino development to the City Council and School Board. The plan is for the General Assembly to approve a casino in Danville, Virginia, while also obtaining Governor Ralph Northam’s signature in the same year. The City Council decided to include Danville citizens to vote and give their thoughts on the casino development. Besides that, The Danville Regional Foundation commissioned a study to understand what to expect with the casino development, and the City of Danville followed with a study of its own.


Several delegations of City Council Members and the Economic Development staff started to visit the casino communities around New York and Iowa. Both checked with the mayors, administrators, business leaders, heads of the local non-profit organizations, police, and casino operators to see the impact of casinos around their area. All these visits were to ensure the casino development will create economic opportunities and revenues for the host localities. After this study, they expected revenue of $22 million yearly from the new casino in Danville VA. When the study gave a convincing result, the City Council followed the criteria from the Virginia Lottery to pick the best operator and proposals. One was from Caesars Entertainment which aimed to develop an establishment at the former Dan River Mills Industrial property in Schoolfield. The negotiation then came after.

September 3, 2020

Danville officials and Caesars Entertainments signed an agreement, and the location of the former Dan River Mills Industrial complex was approved. The signing took place at Averett University’s Pritchett Auditorium, binding the to-be Caesars Virginia casino to provide to Danville if the casino gaming voting passed on November 3. The agreement guarantees that the project will be of the highest quality, providing good-paying jobs and generating revenue for the city.

September 2021

Caesars met with city leaders and held listening sessions with the community. Caesars Entertainment came forward to announce that the expected Caesars Virginia will be open in late 2023 on Dan River Mill. There’s also an announcement that Caesars Virginia will have a restaurant connected to the famous chef Gordon Ramsay, a spa, a fitness center, and a pool. Caesars Entertainment originally planned to let the establishment offer 300 hotel rooms with a price tag of $100 million. This plan was further elevated in September 2021 with 500 for hotel rooms.

August 12, 2022

Caesars Virginia started construction planning to complete within two years, with the grand opening expected in late 2024. A temporary casino will open in mid-2023 until the official and permanent Caesars Virginia launches.

May 15, 2023

Caesars opened their temporary, 24/7 casino in a 40,000 square foot semi-permanent tent that housed 768 slot machines and 25 tables on its debut.

August 15, 2023

With its temporary casino open for just three months, everyone seemed happy with the turnout and revenue at Danville, especially Caesars and Danville city officials.

In its first operating quarter, the casino saw thousands of people turn up every single day, with footfall reaching 4,000 or 5,000 on a typical weekend. In its first six weeks of operation, the casino brought in over $30 million in revenue, and the city received about $1.85 million in taxes, plus an additional $771,500 in a separate deal with Caesars.


Is there a new under-construction casino in Danville, Virginia?

Caesars Danville VA is currently under construction and is expected to open in late 2024. While waiting for the permanent establishment to finish its construction, Caesars Entertainment will offer a temporary casino opening in July 2023.

Who is building the Danville casino?

Caesars Entertainment partners with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to build its new Danville VA Caesars casino.

Are they currently building a casino in Danville, VA?

Caesars Casino Danville VA is still under construction, but to hype the upcoming permanent establishment, a temporary casino will be built in mid-2023 right beside the permanent establishment.

Who is the general contractor of Caesars, Virginia?

Caesars Danville had appointed Baltimore, Maryland-based Whiting-Turner as its general contractor for the $500 million Danville resort casino. It’ll offer 500 hotel rooms, with over 1,300 slot machines and table games. It’ll also offer Caesars sportsbook and poker rooms with a total area of 40,000 square feet to fit up to 2,500 guests in its entertainment venue, featuring bars and dining spots.

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