How to Delete Your DraftKings Account: A Comprehensive Guide July 2024

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How to Delete a DraftKings Account

Sometimes, players decide it’s time to part ways with their DraftKings WV Online Casino accounts. Whether you’ve played the bonus and have had enough, don’t like the layout of the platform, or have found somewhere more interesting to play, closing your account may be on your mind.

DraftKings has an internal process for account closure that follows regulations set out by the West Virginia Lottery Commission, the folks in charge of governing gambling across the Mountain State. So, if you’re wondering how to delete your DraftKings account, this guide breaks down the process into how and why, giving you the details to make an informed decision. Let’s get into it.

What Does Closing My Account Do?

It’s worth pointing out that every online casino handles account closure differently. Some account closures are permanent, some allow you to log in to withdraw funds, and others lock you out from the get-go.

❗ After your account with DraftKings has been closed, you can reopen it by default.

❗ If you wish to permanently cancel your account, you’ll have to get in touch with customer support after your account has been closed.

❗ As mentioned below, DraftKings will not allow you to withdraw funds after your account has been closed.

❗ Any promotions and bonuses currently active will be lost upon account cancellation.

Closing your account isn’t the same as self-exclusion in West Virginia. A self-exclusion is a blanket exclusion that will stop players from being able to play in all licensed areas within a particular state. Self-exclusion is, therefore, the better option when it comes to terminating your ability to play for reasons such as problem gambling.

How Do I Close My DraftKings Account?

Closing your DraftKings account is a fairly simple process that changes slightly depending on whether you use the mobile app or the desktop site. Here’s how:

Important Note: Once you have closed your account, all funds within that account will be locked and you will no longer be able to access them. Please ensure you complete any withdrawals prior to account closure. If you are having gambling or other related issues, consider placing deposit limits while you wait for your funds to be released.

How to delete your DraftKings account from your laptop or desktop:

  1. Log into your DraftKings account via the website;
  2. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner and select Account Information;
  3. On the left, press Login & Security;
  4. Scroll down and press Close Account;
  5. Complete the account closure form and click continue;
  6. Re-enter your password and click Yes, Close My Account.

How to close your DraftKings account from the DraftKings mobile app:

  1. Download and log into the DraftKings mobile app;
  2. Tap your profile picture, found in the top left;
  3. Press the settings icon, found in the top right;
  4. On the settings page, you should find and press on Close Account;
  5. Complete the closure form and press continue;
  6. Re-enter your password and press Yes, Close My Account.

The process detailed above will close your account, but in a temporary state which can later be reopened for convenience’s sake. If you wish to permanently close your account after going through this process, you can do so by contacting customer support or logging into your account and tapping Reactivate.

So if you’re asking ‘Can I delete my DraftKings account?,’ the answer is yes, but it’s a two-step process.

What is the Account Closure Process?

Your account typically takes a few days to be deleted for a few good reasons. Just like when signing up, the casino has to go to work to verify that the request is legitimate. If you have a status with the casino, such as in a loyalty program, you may change your mind before the cancellation process is finalized.

Additionally, there are certain regulations the casino must follow set out by the West Virginia Lottery Commission, and DraftKings needs to tick all the boxes.


Can I reopen my DraftKings account after closing it?

Yes. By default, players can reopen their DraftKings account by speaking with customer service. Players can also talk to customer service after their account has been closed to permanently close their account; this is irreversible.

Can I withdraw funds after closing my DraftKings Account?

DraftKings doesn’t allow players to withdraw funds from their accounts after closure. It’s a good idea to process any withdrawals and complete any bonuses or promotions before account closure, as these will be lost during the closure process.

How long does account closure take at DraftKings?

There isn’t a fixed amount of time that DraftKings provides for account closure, though the average seems to be between three and five days. During the time your account is being closed, you won’t have access to gambling facilities, but it will be possible to cancel account closure.

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